Letter K, with futuristic design that represents company "Kronos Digital"

Kronos Digital

We are based in Serbia/Belgrade. Over 20 years of experience with SAP businesses. Our goal is to help small and medium businesses grow using Odoo ERP!

Picture of Vitaliy Filatov, Co-founder of Kronos Digital

Vitaliy Filatov

20 years in IT delivering complex SAP implementations as a consultant, project manager, and later project sponsor with a budget of up to 3 mln euros.

I live in Belgrade with my wife, son, daughter, and corgi dog.

Together with my wife, we manage a community SvetloSpace that unites people according to their interests: creativity, hobbies, environmental campaigns, and entertainment.

With Kronos Digital I fulfill my passion to bring cost-effective IT solutions for small and medium businesses to make them great and prosperous.

Picture of Vladislav Sateev, the Co-founder of Kronos Digital

Vladislav Sateev

I started my first business at 19 years old (a marketing agency), mentored by the biggest and most successful personal and business brands, such as the founders of Shipt (sold to Target for $500 million), Keaton Hoskins, Michael Graziano, and many more.

I also live in Belgrade with my lady and create short movies in my free time.

Here to provide the best quality service to help you achieve your business goals.

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