What Is Odoo Documents?

Odoo Documents By Kronos Digital

What Is Odoo Documents?

Odoo Documents is a module or application within the Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It is designed to manage and organize documents and files within an organization.

With Odoo Documents, you can create folders and subfolders to categorize and store various types of documents such as contracts, invoices, proposals, reports, presentations, and more. It provides a centralized repository for all your files, allowing for easy access and collaboration.

Key features of Odoo Documents include:

File Organization: You can create a hierarchical structure of folders and subfolders to categorize and store documents based on your organizational needs.

File Management: Documents can be uploaded, downloaded, renamed, moved, and copied within the system. You can also set access rights and permissions to control who can view, edit, or delete specific files.

Version Control: Odoo Documents allows you to track document versions, enabling you to keep a history of changes made to a file. You can revert to previous versions if needed.

Collaboration: Users can collaborate on documents by sharing files and folders with colleagues, teams, or external stakeholders. They can leave comments, add attachments, and notify others about updates.

Integration: Odoo Documents integrates with other Odoo modules such as Sales, Projects, and Human Resources, allowing you to link documents to specific records or activities within those modules.

Document Preview and Editing: The system provides a document preview feature, allowing you to quickly view the content of files without downloading them. Some document types can be edited directly within Odoo using integrated tools.

Search and Filtering: You can search for specific documents based on their name, content, tags, or metadata. Filtering options help you narrow down your search results.

Overall, Odoo Documents streamlines document management processes, improves collaboration, and enhances access to information within an organization. It offers a comprehensive solution for storing, organizing, and sharing files, helping businesses become more efficient and productive.

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Vladislav Sateev June 5, 2023
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