Kronos Digital: From Marketing To ERP

From Marketing To ERP

Kronos Digital: From Marketing To ERP

Hi, I'm Vlad, co-founder of Kronos Digital!

This blog post will share our journey that started almost 3 years ago and how we got to where we are at right now.


I started my first business (Marketing agency) 3 years ago and made so many mistakes you would not believe it (at least 1 mistake per day). It wasn't successful, I didn't have enought knowledge and had to pull everything on my back (which I was exhausted from)

It Took Me 400 Days To Learn What CRM Is

After a call with a multi-millionaire, who was a mentor of mine, I was talking to his technical Vice President.

The VP talked about CRM, ERP, and a lot of other confusing wording I did not understand.

I thought it was the MOST confusing and technically difficult thing in the world…

I felt like an outsider because it seemed that other people on the course knew everything and perfectly understood how this system works.

That is when, after one year of starting my first business, I joined a course to accelerate the growth of my company.

And for another ~400 days, I did not understand what CRM even meant. I was so confused all the time and my business wasn’t growing as expected.

Then, after a total burnout, a friend of mine came to me and offered to start a new business. How funny it was that his idea involved CRM!

It took me 1 day to completely transform my view of this system and learn how helpful it is!

And why all businesses have to use it.

New Beginning 

ERP systems is a new beginning, where me and my business partner Vitalij (20 years in the ERP business) use all the knowledge we learned to create the best service on the planet!

Our main goal is to provide a product so good and with so much value people feel stupid saying no.

If you were offered a new Lamborghini for $5,000, would you buy it?

I want to share with you why ERP is a new Lamborghini for only $5,000.

Sure, companies save time and money - but they also have relief and get rid of the constant headache because everything is organized in one place. 

Companies get 7x ROI on average - but they also get Community and Support. Odoo has a large and active community of developers, users, and partners. This community support means you can access a wealth of knowledge, free add-ons, and solutions from other users who have encountered similar challenges.

Companies with ERP systems experienced a 20% improvement in operational efficiency - but they also get mobile apps for both Android and iOS, allowing users to access critical business information and perform essential tasks on the go.

Can you see why I fell in love with this world?

I want to invite you to join us. Whether you are a small or a mediusm size company, I'm 100% certain that odoo solution will transform your business. WIth 20 + years in this industry + years in marketing we can make something incredible together!

If you would like to try it for yourself, click here to transform your business START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY »

Vladislav Sateev August 14, 2023
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